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April 04, 2012

Kang kong seed germination experiment - Part 2 (Results)

This is a 2-video update on my kang kong seed germination experiment. All 4 seeds germinated into healthy seedlings. However, the second set of kang kong seeds germinated sooner after their sowing date. This difference was roughly 1 week sooner. Despite this time difference, all of the seedlings look healthy. I suppose that people in sub-tropical and temporate countries will be more concerned with the difference of 1 week because of their short growing season!

VIDEO: Kang kong batch 2 seeds germinated first. See batch 2 kang kong seedlings (versus ungerminated batch 1 kang kong batch).

VIDEO: All kang kong seeds germinated. Comparing growth among kang kong seedlings.

My next experiment involves putting one plant onto a patio that gets only direct sun light during the morning while the other gets direct sun light all day.

I know that this was an imperfect experiment, arguably because of different planting dates and plant container dimensions. It would be interesting to retry this experiment. However, my current reservation is that I will have more plants than garden space to put them. I can not bear watching plants die if there are no 'adoptive parents'. Besides, although I have noticed a huge difference in the plant growth between the 2 sets, they both produced healthy kang kong plants.

Regarding the planting dates, the kang kong seeds in the self-watering plant container were planted 1 week before the other set. (Unfortunately, at the time that I germinated these kang kong / water spinach seeds, I did not keep precise date records except that I can say that the dates were during late February 2012. I was counting the days as opposed to marking the dates. I now recognize that lunar phases might impact on germination rates).

As seen in the video and image above, the plant container dimensions differed. The batch 1 kang kong seeds were sowed in an old yogurt containers while batch 2 seeds were sown in 3-inch plant pots. I do not know whether these differences are noteworthy. Frankly, I do not think so. However, I know that proper garden experimentation should have given the same experience to both batches of kang kong seeds.



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