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March 31, 2012

Welcome to my tropical organic garden

Last year, I was ecstatic over the idea of finally having the opportunity to grow my own tropical organic garden.

Needing to learn more about having an organic garden, I accessed Google Search and Youtube. They are wonderful resources that I highly recommend to any organic gardener. However, the vast majority of organic gardening information was published by non tropical gardeners.

-->Although these sites are largely to thank for most of my earlier sources of information about organic gardening, I still had a very hard time accessing information and seeds for the tropics. So often, it was hard to interpret their information. For instance, as a tropical gardener, I was never clear about the applicability of their statements like 'full sun' or 'partial sun' to the bright, hot tropical sun that I experienced.

Furthermore, I even found that full participation in online gardening communities is sometimes reserved for gardeners in these non-tropical countries. For instance, the organizer of a really fun-filled seed exchange / distribution explained that it would be difficult to ship outside of his country, I thought that that was the last straw to break the camel's back. Consequently, I decided to log my tropical gardening experiences with the hope of exchanging information with other gardeners who, like me, are willing to discuss their organic gardening experiences.

So let the tropical gardening fun begin!
I grew these red yard long beans in my tropical organic garden
Red Yard Long Bean

Dill flowers in my tropical organic garden is a great addition to my salads.
Dill flowers in my salad bowl (like fireworks)

Zuchini grows very vigorously in tropical environments. I find that pest and mold control is a must.
Zuchini. I eagerly await the time to cut the zuchini on the left. There were no male zuchini flowers in the garden, only flowers from the neighbour's pumpkin and watermelon patches. Who is the father of this zuchini child?

Kang kong plant on East facing patio.
Kang kong

red healthy peppers on my overladen plant.
Peppers from a very strong and healthy plant.

Pommecythere or Caribbean 'golden apple'. This is my dwarf plant.
Pommecythere ('golden apple')



  1. Just started doing the same in krabi thailand. It a challenge but an enjoyable one!