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April 04, 2012

Kang kong seed germination experiment in my tropical organic garden - Part 1 (sowing seeds)

I did a very rough experiment with 2 sets of kang kong / water spinach seeds to see which of 2 different conditions would have a faster and more successful germination rate. I had bought both sets of kang kong seeds from the same source at the same time, germinated them in soil-less potting mix and placed them in full tropical sun.

Kang kong seeds - Batch 1:
February 21, 2012. Without pre-germination treatment, I placed the kang kong seeds into a makeshift version of my DIY self watering plant container (see video below).
Kang kong seeds - 2:
I soaked the kang kong seeds overnight in luke warm water before placing them into a regular seedling container with drainage holes and a shallow saucer.

Video: Kang kong seed germination in self-watering container
Kang kong seeds germinated successfully in a makeshift version of my DIY Self Watering plant Container. Unlike the other set of seeds, these kang kong seeds were not soaked overnight in water To my surprise, these kang kong seeds germinated 1 week slower than the other set.

Video: Kang kong seed germination in potting mix after overnight soaking
Kang kong seeds germinated successfully in this regular seedling container. However, I soaked the kang kong seeds overnight in water at room temperature before putting them in damp soil less potting mix. Although these kang kong were started 1 week after the other set (in the makeshift version of my DIY Self Watering plant Container), these seeds germinated 1 week before the others. I was surprised.

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