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May 06, 2012

Kang kong in my tropical organic garden - Seedling update

This is an update on my kang kong seedlings. I am so proud! You will remember that, about a month ago, I planted some kang kong seeds.

I placed this kang kong plant on an East facing patio. It came from batch 2 of my kang kong seed germination experiment. You may remember that I soaked the seeds overnight and then sowed them in a regular seedling plant pot the next morning.
Kang kong, water spinach, chinese cabbage, bamboo leaf, water morning glory, swamp cabbage being growin in a pot.
My kang kong plant after about 1 month after the seeds were sowed. This particular plant is now on an East-facing patio. The plant pot sits in a saucer that holds quite a lot of water. I ensure that that never goes dry since kang kong loves wet conditions ... and it has been particularly hot and dry lately.
Since kang kong plants love very wet conditions ... and this is the dry season in my already very hot tropical garden, I chose its pot because its saucer is sufficiently deep to act as a water reservoir. This should work well because my kang kong seedlings can get water whenever they need it. I never allow the planting medium (soil less potting mix) to get dry. Every morning, I make sure that I could see a little water in the saucer.

Kang kong seedling in a plant pot with a deep saucer. Water collects as a kind of self-watering reservoir.
The saucer of my kang kong acts like a water reservoir. Kang kong plants love very wet conditions and should never be allowed to dry out.


Garden update: Difference between kang kong plants in partial tropical sun and kang kong plants in full tropical sun (Pending)

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