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May 09, 2012

Salad greens from my tropical organic garden

Sometimes, I walk through the garden just for the heck of it. Doing this brings me immense joy.
So although my organic kitchen garden is quite modest in comparison to those of more seasoned kitchen gardeners, I deem it worthy of a celebration today.

Dill emerging over the cluster of salad bowl greens like fireworks.

Arugula aka rocket growing in a salad bowl on my East facing patio in my tropical organic garden


Arugula or rocket grown in my tropical organic garden on my patio.
Arugula looking up (at the dill flower fireworks?)

Beets grown in a salad bowl for the greens in salads.
Beautiful red veined beet greens, Italian parsley and oregano. Beet greens taste a lot like the root.

Kang kong 1 to 1.5 months old, grown from seed in a tropical organic garden.
Kang kong dancing in the wind


  • Water cress grows well in a container on my East facing patio.
    Water cress

    Pak Choy grows well in my tropical organic garden. However, it does best in the wet season.
    Tender Pak Choy leaves

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