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May 20, 2012

Harvesting my first zuchini from my tropical organic garden

Harvesting my first zuchini from my tropical garden was a big deal. I had had so many problems keeping zuchini plants alive when I just started to garden. Although the seeds germinated quickly and the plants grew vigorously, the problems were endless. For instance, green caterpillars were devouring the plant faster than I could pick them off every afternoon. The leaves became powdery with fungi. The experience of growing zuchini had been so disappointing that things had gotten to the point that the very thought of sowing more zuchini seeds was unbearable. Is this why zuchinis are prohibitively expensive in some tropical countries?

Fortunately, I have learnt some pest control tricks for those nasty little green caterpillars and that unsightly fungus. Once I remain on top of things - which is not always easy, the plants thrive. Those little green caterpillars do not even come around anymore --- Maniacle laughter! ---

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