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April 08, 2012

How I grow gotu kola from seed in my tropical organic garden

As you will remember from my experience with germinating kang kong seeds, I tried 2 different methods. For the gotu kola seeds, I did something similar since gotu kola also likes very wet conditions. 

However, I did not soak the seeds overnight and did not put either of them in direct sunlight.

See details below.

Gotu kola; longevity herb; pennywort; centella asitica

Anti-inflammatory; antiviral; antibacterial, a mild adaptogen (ie gotu kola is a regulator that may enhance the body's ability to better avert harm by appropriately adapting to variable environmental factors); a cerebral / brain tonic; a circulatory stimulant & may help to better control anxiety and hypertension.

This is what I am hoping to achieve - healthy looking gotu kola leaves.



Date I sowed gotu kola seeds: 31 March 2012. I took this photo on 1 April 2012.
Germination container for my gotu kola seeds: This container does not have drainage holes at the bottom. I chose to do this since gotu kola plants like very wet conditions and its soil should never be allowed to dry out.

Date I sowed gotu kola seeds: 31 March 2012
Germination container for my gotu kola seeds: Unlike the photo above, this container has drainage holes at the bottom. However, it is sitting on the ever moist soil of my kang kong planter. (The kang kong planter has a saucer that always has water. That water can be wicked up whenever the plant needs water. Both kang kong and gotu kola like very wet, swamp conditions.) This planter is really a recycled food container that I might have tossed.


  1. Hi there. Good work! How is your gotu kola looking these days?

    I am in New Zealand and looking for gotu kola seeds. Would you have any by any chance? Or would you know where to find some?

    Many thanks!
    And good luck!

    1. you can buy on ebay, plant or seeds,

    2. I bought some off amazon today. Ebay also have them.

    3. I bought some off amazon today. Ebay also have them.

    4. I bought some off amazon today. Ebay also have them.

  2. what was the result of this? Which one was more successful in germinating?

    1. if you can buy root or, plant,seeds I don't trust,

  3. Hi, I've grown and propagated Gotu Kola in Tin Can Bay in Queensland on poor sandy soil in the shade with occasional watering (under the house near a water tap). I've noticed that it spreads under the grass in the same soil but in dry and sunnier conditions in the garden. Either way the leaves remain quite small.

    I got my plant from a stall at the local market called "Fred's Herbs". A neighbour later told me that it grows wild in the area and he regularly ate three leaves a day - he finds it in the grass beside paths.

    However, I'm now in Ireland and I find it hard to keep Gotu Kola alive and I can confirm that seeds don't germinate easily - I've not had any germinate yet - I live in hope. They seem to grow wild in arid areas, yet others say they need wet conditions, so they seem to have peculiar germination requirements.