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April 08, 2012

Why I grow gotu kola in my tropical organic garden

 One day, when I was searching for a solution to one of my gardening questions about tomatoes, I ended up on a page about gotu kola. Don't ask how I got to gotu kola! When I read about it, I realized that promising research findings regarding the health benefits of the gotu kola herb had been emerging for some time.

I am including the link to a Youtuber's video regarding the health benefits of gotu kola because he essentially repeats much of what various gotu kola proponents and health food stores were saying.

As time progressed, I also learnt that gotu kola has more recently been discovered by the Western world in such a big way that, in some places, consumers are prepared to pay top dollar for gotu kola products.

I thought that gotu kola would be worth my time, money, care ... and consumption. See photos of how I started my first set of gotu kola plants from seed and questions regarding gotu kola and vitamin B12.

Here is a quick summary of the gotu kola herb.

Gotu kola; longevity herb; pennywort; centella asitica

Anti-inflammatory; antiviral; antibacterial, a mild adaptogen (ie gotu kola is a regulator that may enhance the body's ability to better avert harm by appropriately adapting to variable environmental factors); a cerebral / brain tonic; a circulatory stimulant & may help to better control anxiety and hypertension.

Can gotu kola satisfy even a vegan's vitamin B12 needs?
My question about gotu kola

In his Youtube video, InNaturesClassroom suggests that gotu kola provides vitamin B12. I immediately thought of the vegans who are concerned with vitamin B12 deficiencies. I wonder the extent to which gotu kola can contribute to fulfilling one's requirement based on the suggested daily intake of 2 to 3 leaves.

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