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April 11, 2012

Why I want to grow moringa oleifera from seed in my tropical organic garden

Claims regarding the (below mentioned) health benefits of moringa are among the most impressive that I have ever encountered. If I had my way, Haitians who still struggle in the wake of the 2010 earthquake would be gifted at least a few moringa seeds (and large pots). Since moringa thrives in poor soil and prefers infrequent watering, planting it in some parts of Haiti may be a manageable feat.

Moringa; Drumstick tree; Horseradish tree; Miracle tree; Moringa pterygosperma (archaic); Moringa oleifera
The leaves are purported to be many times more nutritionally dense than many renowned health foods. For instance, moringa is said to have many times more vitamin C than oranges, iron than spinach, vitamin A than carrots, protein than yogurt, potassium than bananas and calcium than milk. Furthermore, moringa contains all 9 amino acids along with other nutrients that include Magnesium, Copper and Zinc. Despite its powerful potency, it is even safe enough for lactating mothers and their babies.
==> Steps showing how to germinate moringa seeds 
Moringa oleifera seeds that I germinated for my tropical organic garden


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