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September 03, 2014

How I grow mango from seed

Mango seeds have a hard outer shell which can be removed to improve the chance and speed of germination. After eating each mango, I scrubbed away any remaining flesh. To remove the hard outer shell, I used scissors to cut a very thin slot on one edge of the seed. 

How to open a mango seed
This ensures that I can pry the hard shell open without damaging the tender mango seed inside.
How to grow mango from seed

I have used several mangos and mango seeds for these images rather than a single species. In the image below, one type had already begun to sprout a tiny shoot. 

How to grow mango from seed
 Fascinating, isn't it?!
How to grow mango from seed

I wrapped the soft seed in paper towel that I kept moist. 

How to grow mango from seed

The seed on the top left of the frame below had begun to sprout its seedling through one end of the seed. I had eaten the two mangos and afterwards, left the seeds on the counter and then refrigerator for roughly 3 days overall.
How to grow mango from seed

This is how the shoot emerges within a few days. SEE UPDATE
grow mango from seed


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