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July 24, 2012

My Inca Berry

Inca berry almost 1 foot tall on 7 May 2012
I am really happy to have an inca berry plant. Thus far, I have mostly tried my hand at greens. I wanted to try a fruit plant that is small enough to be potted, can start bearing fruit within months and was nutritionally dense. Inca berry is all of that and more from what I understand. -->

18 June 2012
Inca berries are  a superfood. They are a source of B12 and protein. I find that particularly interesting because I am nearly completely vegetarian and realize that protein and B12 deficiencies often occur in vegans and vegetarians.

Furthermore, inca berries contain several vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and B6. Other inca berry nutrients include bioflavins, pectin (for absorption). Inca berries are also considered a low glycemic fruit which is like music to my ears since I have become more concerned with my blood sugar. I am also happy to know that inca berries are believed to promote good eye sight.

Several little fruits were growing from each branch. 22 June 2012
This is the first time that I will be growing inca berries so I am still learning. However, I was ecstatic by the suggestion of a youtuber that inca berry plants fruits year round in tropical locations. GRINNING WIDELY!

1 July 2012
The weather was extremely hot recently. I noticed that during the most intense heat, my inca berry plant was being mildly attacked by white flies and some unknown pest that was eating the papery membrane and fruit. I used a lot of my homemade garlic spray which appeared to have gotten rid of the pests, but I'm not sure! I should also add that I moved the plant to my patio whose strongest exposure to light is in the morning. My inca berry plant had previously been outside on the eastern side of my pesto producer ;) , one of my slightly taller basil plant.

3 July 2012
I notice every morning when I water my inca berry plant that a frog likes to rest around its roots. Not sure of his / her role in this situation. However, I figure that frogs are my friends so we have an understanding.
Inca berry in pot. The soil became compacted over time and needed to be replenshed with compost.
My inca berry in a pot. The medium became extremely compacted over time to the extent that I had to replenish it with rich compost (not pictured)
This plant has many names that include physalis peruviana, inca berry, Aztec berry, golden berry, poha (Hawaii), cape gooseberry (South Africa).

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