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June 18, 2012

Pommecythere (dwarf variety) (Old photos)

I just found these old photos of my dwarf pommecythere plant. I bought the plant when it was roughly 1.5 feet tall in August 2011. This photo was taken about 1 month after transplanting my my dwarf pommecythere from the seller's plastic plant bag. Read more about how I care for my dwarf pommecythere plant along with an update.
Dwarf pommecythere plant 27 October 2011.
For a shocker, see how compacted the soil of my pommecythere plant became by Summer 2012. Pay special attention to the level of the soil in this photo as compared with my Summer 2012 pommecythere  photo.
A great shot of the healthy leaves of my pommecythere plant.
Beautiful foliage of my dwarf pommecythere plant

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