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January 28, 2016


I discovered this pretty pond in the neighbourhood where I was creating a permaculture design (for a 3-acre farm home).
permaculture consultant pond
The pond is roughly 6 feet deep and, believe it or not, was dug by hand and buckets. One of the earliest objectives in successful permaculture design involves observation. Among other things, this pond helped me to see the soil's capacity for water retention. The owner of this clay walled pond never goes without water, even during dry spells.
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Unfortunately, the next photo is not very clear. I desperately wanted to somehow capture the memory of this place in spite of the failing light. This place so magical. It had little garden sections on either part of this track to the farmer's home, a very modest off-grid wooden hut. Its spell evoked memories of the mountain home of one of the main characters (played by a son of Bob Marley) in the Jamaican movie 'One Love'.

Anyway, my client really appreciated the inclusion of a pond at a water keypoint on his property. It will help him considerably in resolving a potential water deficit during the dry season and provide water for a dry zone. Although somewhat apprehensive, I think he may become keen on also using implementing the humanure elements as they will also resolve his water deficit challenge, among other functional challenges.
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