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May 28, 2014

Homemade compost bin - Simplest design

This is the single easiest way of making a compost bin in the tropics. As you can see in the image below, this compost bin is made of a plant pot at its base and another bowl shaped plant pot on top.
how to make a simple compost bin in the tropics
Simple compost bin design

The cover is not absolutely necessary. However, since I use this bin for kitchen scraps, I use a cover to deter rats, snails and any other pests.

If you can not find a bowl shaped pot, make one. To do so, simply buy a large plastic bowl and drill holes in the bottom. This will allow rain water to enter. I find the bowl shape to be better than a flat lid since a bowl is less likely to become displaced by pests or the wind.


To attract earthworms, ensure that the bottom pot has drainage holes that make contact with the earth. Although it will be helpful to find a few earthworms to start the process, looking for some to introduce to this system is not necessary since earthworms will invariably find their way into the compost bin.


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